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AlaskaCatch, LLC

Gene "Whitey" Wadsworth

We have been Alaska commercial fishermen since my grandfather Gene Wadsworth started fishing in 1945.  He fished out of Seldovia on the f/v Sea Scout.  Ray Wadsworth was then born in Seldovia in and grew up fishing with his dad.  Our family has  been enjoying salmon fresh from those pristine glacial waters for a long time, and we want to share the experience.

F/V Liahona

My father, Ray Wadsworth, has been fishing in Alaska with boats he has built himself since about 1970.  The first seiner he built and fished was the 'F/V Liahona' followed most recently by the 'F/V Order of Magnitude' (which was the world's fastest herring seiner, featured on the cover of 'National Fisherman' December 1996).

F/V Order of Magnitude, Liahona, Natalia and the St.Joe; high and dry in Kamishak Bay, Alaska.

We formed the Wild Alaskan Seafood House LLC, to provide the highest quality boneless salmon available in the world, using a new patented processing machine technology from TBRS Technology Ltd.

Originally our company was called the Wild Alaskan Seafood House LLC, was born in January of 1999, to provide consistent quality, supply and price to our consumers.   We have reorganized ourselves as AlaskaCatch, LLC in 2002.  We believe that people should be able to buy a fresh boneless wild salmon at an affordable price.  So we built the 'Wild Salmon' floating processor, installed the new pinbone/filleting machine on it, and went to Alaska last summer to do just that.  We took the salmon directly from the fishermen right on the fishing grounds, then processed and froze them on the spot, it doesn't get any better than that!

Castle Cape, near Chignik, Alaska
We have been involved in the commercial fishing industry our entire lives.  We believe in this product, and in maintaining the Alaskan fisherman's way of life, for us it isn't just a way to make a living, it is tradition, it is family.

The pinbone machine invented by TBRS Technology Ltd. is quite famous. Using this machine we are able to completely fillet and debone salmon when they are just-killed and even pre-rigor.  This allows us to bring you extremelty fresh frozen at sea boneless fillets as nobody else can.  This system was developed with funding help from the Alaska Science and Technology Foundation.  The TBRS machine uses a patented system incorporating a precise array of blades which precision cuts out all the bones while filleting H&G salmon. 

Management up until 2005

CEO Chuck Redman:  Chuck Redman is the former President of Calavo Foods, having taken over when the avocado company was loosing money on $5 million in revenues and grew the business profitably to over $40 million in sales and 200 employees. Chuck’s successful experience with the California Avocado Growers Cooperative was instrumental in forming the Chignik Seafood Producers Alliance in Alaska. Chuck has held numerous senior management positions in the food industry.  His experience as VP, National Sales and Marketing Manager for such companies as Swift and Co., Griffith Laboratories, DOB Food Products Co and others has provided him with hands on experience to successfully grow sales of Alaska Wild Salmon products.

COO Ray Wadsworth: Ray is the President and founder of Kodiak Marine Construction, an innovative boat manufacturer that builds commercial fishing boats.  He built the F/V Order of Magnitude, which is well known within the fishing industry as the fastest and most technologically advanced commercial fishing boat of all time.  Ray is also the primary inventor, founder and President of TBRS Technology, the company that developed the TBRS de-boning technology with matching grant aid from ASTF.  Ray is the second generation of a fishing family and is intimately familiar with the industry and many key people involved with fishing, processing and the Alaskan government. Ray has been owner, plant manager and captain of many commercial fishing vessels and is also a pilot, having spent many years as a fish spotter in Alaska. Ray was also the founder of the United Salmon Association, a marketing cooperative made up of Alaskan fishermen and a recipient of the Highlighers Award from national Fisherman magazine in 1999.

Legal Counsel Bruce Johnston:  Bruce is a trial lawyer and partner in AlaskaCatch. He has provided legal counsel and business expertise to this Company, as well as TBRS Technologies Inc. and Wild Alaskan Seafood House, LLC. (as co-founder)  He aided in the formation of the Chignik Seafood Producers Alliance by drafting the Bylaws and Articles free of charge as well as drafting the same for the United Seiners Association (USA).  Bruce grew up with involvement in the Alaska seafood-processing industry, and has represented clients who are significant in the industry and has relationships with many key players in fishing and the government.